Fred Spiers Memorial Window 2005

Church of St. Laurence, Bidford- on- Avon

Click to enlargeThis window was designed and dedicated to the memory of Fred Spiers, former bell-ringer of the church.

The window is a contemporary design made in the traditional manner of stained glass windows. A selection of hand-made glasses were used and treated with paints, silver nitrate, enamels and sandblasting to modify the light and create texture.


Bidford Light FallSituated above the font, the window represents the sacrament of baptism.

Left-hand light represents the darkness of sin and the holy water used to cleanse the body and soul. Bubbles rise upwards suggesting refreshment and renewal.

Centre light almost lava-like, flames symbolising the Holy Spirit embody His forgiveness and acceptance.

Right-hand light through baptism we move out of darkness into light. The old self dies and the new arises. We are saved and so free to enter the kingdom of God.

Dimensions 1.75m x 1.40m




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