Centenary Window

Bournville Junior School 2006

Click to enlargeBournville Junior School was founded in 1906 by George and Elizabeth Cadbury. The commission and installation of the window was to celebrate the identity of the school and its one hundredth anniversary.

At the outset, strong vibrant colours were encouraged in order to control the strong light, which was detrimental to the comfort of staff and pupils while using the main hall, and also to appeal to the children.

Cocoa Tree DetailThe window was to fulfil several roles:

- to create a lasting and significant memorial to celebrate the school's centenary in 2006, its achievements and characteristics.

- to create a visual stimulus that may be used as a teaching aid.

- to provide a focal point in the hall.

- to modify the level of light entering the hall.



GlazingThe design incorporates various items particular to the school. Illustrated are the four school houses: Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Neptune. Symbols from the school badge are also depicted by the bell, book and goat. Learning and energy are rep-resented by the head image with cogs, light, objects and symbols bursting forth out of it. The shaking hands suggest friendship, while the cocoa pod and tree aknowledge the importance of the Cadbury family to the foundation of the school. These images are composed upon a cosmic blue background studded with stars and a music score.

Bournville DetailBournville DetailMade over a period of several months, the window was fabricated using traditional stained glass techniques. Hand-made glasses were cut to shape and then creatively treated with paint, silver nitrate and enamels which were fired permanently onto the surface of the glass using an electric kiln. Sandblasting was also utilised to remove the blue layer of flashed glasses to reveal their clear layer underneath- this method was used to create the stars and suchlike. The individual glass pieces were then set within lead calme and the joints soldered. Finally the eight lights were weather-proofed and installed by a specialist team.

Dimensions 4m x 1.5m


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