Old Manor Hospital 2003

Salisbury, Wiltshire


SalisburyA total of eight acid etched glazed 'interventions' were commissioned by Avon and Wiltshire NHS Trust for the newly built rehabilitation unit at Old Manor Hospital, Salisbury. The finished works were to be sited in corridors which gave view to two square courtyard areas. It was deemed important that the light quality should not be compromised in any way and the design should not obstruct the view beyond

Simple leaf shapes were chosen to symbolise growth and were an image to which most individuals could relate to and enjoy, however minimal. Indirectly they also made reference to the old saying, 'to turn over a new leaf', encouraging the notion of the patient's eventual new start outside of the unit. The aim was to create a link with the outside world, ultimately helping to create a greater sense of environment and well-being for the patients.

Salisbury Detail

Salisbury Chestnut and HawthornThe eight double glazed units were removed and worked on-site for a period of one week, during which time a workshop session was also given to enable the patients to have an influence on their environment and to understand the final works in glass.







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