Millennium Window

Old Swinford Hospital, Stourbridge

Click to Enlarge Commissioned in 2000 by Old Swinford Hospital (a former blue coat school) to commemorate the Millennium and celebrate the founding of the school by Thomas Foley in 1667.

Central to the window is shown the original school entrance, where stand the figures of Charity and a boy dressed in the original 'blue coat' uniform. They represent the desired purpose of the school, that of providing free education to the sons of the poor who would not otherwise be educated. Charity offers an apple, fruit of the Tree of Life, as a reward for his efforts.

To the right another boy reads from a book inscribed with the school motto ut prosim vince mallum bono, which loosely translated means 'to be a good citizen; overcome evil with good'.

DetailThe family who founded the school are represented by the local landmarks featured in the top four lights: Dudley Castle, Dudley 'Top' Church and Oldswinford Church and Castle. The images are derived from an over-mantel in the Talbot Hotel, Stourbridge, once a house that the Foley family owned.

The sacrificial fire from the urn, an image also borrowed from the over-mantel, signifies the challenges that each boy in the school must face as he proceeds through the school and the fruits on the tree above are the rewards for his labours.

The rays of the sun shine strongly and confidently pointing the way ahead into the next Millennium while stars drift down upon Charity and the boy, representing a hopeful portent for the future.

Dimensions 3m x 4m


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