Swithland Memorial 1997

Swithland MiddayThis work was a personal piece created for my final degree project. It reflects my exploration of the integration and relationship of glass within the landscape. The 'memorial' serves to celebrate a past industrial heritage that has been lost and reclaimed by nature, namely the defunct Swithland slate industry situated in Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire. Remains of this once thriving industry are today found locally and a far, in roof tiles, stone walls, thousands of memorial stones and the flooded quarry pit in the heart of woodland. The engravers of Swithland slate memorials displayed particular skill and vibrancy in their craft; creating more accomplished and imaginative works than their Welsh or Cornish contemporaries.

Click to enlarge'Swithland' is composed of 6 mould cast 12mm float glass pieces drilled and secured onto a steel frame. It embodies the contrasting characteristics of slate in it's raw state and it's worked form with carved ornamentation. The words and motifs are taken directly from Swithland memorial stones and selected for their significance.

Designed with a view to suspend it from a suitable tree adjacent to the quarry pit, 'Swithland' acknowledges this once important site that is today enjoyed by local walkers and nature lovers.

Dimensions 70 x 210cm



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